Avalonians All

Moonlit Music on August 6

At the invitation of a woodworker I hired, I attended an amazing folk group last night.

Guitars, fiddles, drums, upright bass, mandolins and ukes, pros and preemies alike led our circle in chorus, as we shared music shoulder to shoulder.  Thirty or more sang and strummed in the name of love, justice, sorrow and delight, chuckling that even sad songs somehow cheered our souls.

On break we chatted, sipped and wandered among an amazing garden that spilled rudbekia and grapevines down a grassy slope into a mini moor below.  We discussed plants and complimented instrumentalists, while long-timers caught up on news of travel from Sweden and other family doings.  Host Marilyn gifted me an infant nectarine tree for my own farmlet.

Potent lilies released scent into soft summer air.  At nightfall a crescent moon smiled benignly through the willows while our own faces beamed back, outlined by head lamps and I-pads for reading music in the dark.

Lying awake until almost dawn, I’m still high on music and moonlight.

Rachel Rich


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